Had a fabulous time in New York. Home Sunday afternoon and straight back to work on Monday morning.

Work has been full on and I'm knackered! A little jet lagged I think. 

Hoping to blog properly at the weekend. 

Hello December.

How has December come around so quickly? I can't believe we are in the final month of the year.This month has a full calendar so is likely to dissapear in a flash too. I always have mixed feelings at this time of year part of me just wants it over so we can start the new year!

I finally managed to get my case packed for New York this afternoon. We are only taking a cabin case each which I have found quite challenging. You can gaurentee that I will end up wanting to wear something I haven't packed. As it's cold my sweaters have taken up most of the case!

As is usual with most of my holidays I had to decide on a knit project to take. None of my current projects worked as it needed to be small. So dove into the stash and decided on some socks.

I picked up these balls from someone elses destash. Think they're going to look fab. 

I've packed my kindle as well. It's going to take about 3 hrs to get to Heathrow,then have 2 hrs to wait at Heathrow then a 8hr flight. I am so not looking forward to that. I do find I'm liking flying less and less these days. 

So that's it, I'm done for today. I'm going to have a soak in the bath and an early night ready for my adventure.

Busy and excited!

Another week done and dusted. This new job keeps me so busy that time just flies by.
My lurgy is just about gone, I'm in the annoying runny nose stage now, nice. 

This weekend is a busy one, Hubs and I are flying out to Newyork next week for a few nights with some friends. Sons are staying at home due to work and uni commitments.  So in true mother style, despite them being adults, I am stocking the fridge with a  range of  food to keep them fed and writing lots of instruction lists !Whilst I am really looking forward to Newyork I am worrying about leaving the boys and Frank the hound. stupid I know, but.....Never actually left the country without them.

We are only taking cabin bags and given the cold weather in NY i'm struggling to pack, I dont do capsule wardrobes, I think I may packing and unpacking right through until we leave the house. Or do I just go pay for a suitcase?

Back to work and a lovely surprise.

Back to work today. Still feeling rough, but well enough for work.

Blooming busy, spent most of day going through my email inbox 😱

Lovely hubby text me to say he was in town and did I want to meet him after work


Silly question really. 

The Christmas market was half open, and it was pretty quiet. We had a lovely couple of hours and I'm almost feeling the Christmas spirit!

Another day of rest and WIP Wednesday.

Another 'sick' day, managed to get 8 hours sleep last night, pretty disturbed with the constant coughing but hey haven't managed that much sleep in a long while. Still feel blooming knackered though !

Enforced rest has meant that I managed to finish 2 of the dog snood thingys

quite like the handpsun knit in 2x2 rib. 

Personally wouldn't put one on Frank, not sure he'd tolerate it anyway, but I know some dogs do feel the cold.  I may attempt a dog coat next year. want to get some of my works in progress done.

I'm still chipping away at my monstera Sweater. 

I am really not liking knitting at the moment, it needs all my concentration, I will be so glad to get this colour work section done, then its plain sailing in stocking stitch all the way. Have about 9 rows left to do for the pattern.Goal is to get the colourway section done by Christmas and I will have a great TV knitting project ready to go ! 

Colds and Comfort knitting.

I've given into it and taken a sick day. I was awake at 3.30am because my nose decided to stop functioning! Fully blocked. My throat feels as if I've swallowed some sandpaper and my chest ache's from coughing.

I've not dressed and am sat here currently watching Kirstys homemade Christmas. 

On the plus side I've managed to finish a knit project !

What is it?
A Greyhound snood!

A friend asked me to help knit some for a lurcher rescue charity. Dead easy. Quick TV knitting. The hole is for the lead! This is a polo neck version ! They're basically a neck warmer.

  Used my own handspun , so generally free to make. Just cast on another using another of my handspun yarns. 

Best way to spend a sick day if you ask me.

Cough, sniff, sneeze!

And so it goes on.

Coughing, spluttering and sneezing.
Have given up and gone to bed!
I did manage a days work though.

 Was up with the larks as off to Wales to work today. Early bus was fun as the cold sweats hit just as I was getting on, glad it was raining as I think I managed to get away with pretending it was raindrops !

By the time I got to the train station I was full on in melt down. I've never been so glad to stand on a cold station platform in the rain. 

Managed to get through the day but was so glad to be home. Straight into my comfies, easy dinner on and that was it done, couldn't even face my knitting !

Going to play tomorrow by ear, not sure about work will see how I feel when  hubs gets up. Not generally a calling in sick kind of gal, but I'm off away for a break next week and really don't want to be ill for that!

Now where's my Olbas oil gone.......


Woke up today feeling full of lurgy. Hardly surprising since the hubs has just got over his. 

Spent the day in my PJs knitting, really couldn't be arsed to do anything other than have a long hot soak in the bath using my last LUSH bathbomb.

Now settled in bed for an early night as have another early morning commute for work tomorrow. 
Hoping to wake up with some energy!


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Well that wasn't the end to the week I was expecting..

Had a pretty mad full on week at work, brain full to over flowing by Friday I was hanging. No brain power was left. I was feeling pretty jaded. 

Mid morning I got a text from a dear friend, the content? to tell me her brother, also a friend, had died in his sleep. Shocked was an understatement, whilst his health had been deteriorating I really wasn't expecting it. I took it worse than I had expected to be honest. I am not sure that it was his death or the impact on my friend that hit me most.

I ended up a blubbing mess in the office. Luckily I have a great team around me, they enveloped me in a  virtual hug, nurses are renowned for knowing when to physically hug or hug by their actions.I'm not sure about you lot but if people are nice to me in these situations it just makes it all worse. I really couldn't deal with the office so they sent me off home. 

Hubs and no 1 son had had plans to go out, I was quite happy planning a quiet night in with a large glass of vino and shite TV. No 2 son came home and we ended up having heated words, stress on both parts, misunderstanding what was being said and both very sad about our friends death. Takeaway pizza was ordered and calm then entailed. 

Until another friend came by. Shes been having a lot of problems with her father in law who appears to be experiencing  some kind of mental health issue, possibly Dementia. I ended up going with her to his house and waiting for the ambulance to come to take him to hospital.  All a little frought but he did go voluntarily which was a blessing.

By the time I got home, I really didn't want another glass of Vino, all I needed was my bed.Trouble was early nights mean early mornings, awake at stupid o clock today.

Today I feel steam rollered. I am absolutely shattered. I really dont have any energy to do much at all. But I need to get stuff done and we are out tonight visiting friends for dinner. 
So I am going to shake my self awake and go and do something...
But what..

Treated myself.

Had a really busy week at work which included a mid week early start as had to head off to Caerphilly for a meeting. 

What you cant see in this photo was the snow ! yes, you heard right, we had a small flurry of snow. I had to get a bus to the station, then it to took 2 trains to get to Caerphilly. It was blooming freezing. Made me realise that my coat is actually pretty crap at keeping me warm, it's great for keeping me dry though.

Being a fat bird trying to find a decent coat can be a bit of a  night mare. I really dont mind what I'm looking like when I walk the dog, but for work and going out I really would like something half decent look-wise. 

I hate going clothes shopping, so it was online shopping for me. I actually found something I like, they had it in my size and was next day delivery, result.It came today.

I sized up, (if you buy from Simply Be website they do a good range of large plus sizes) so I could also fit a chunky sweater underneath as well. Really pleased with it, it looks fab and is really snuggly! I am wondering if I should have got a smaller size though, I seem to think I'm fatter than I actually am. I've ordered the next size down just to make sure !

Today I also treated myself to a haircut. After a disastrous short haircut back in May, I haven't had it cut since. I spent the summer wearing hairbands so I could get the layers down past the bottom of my ears ! It feels so good not to have to wear blooming hairbands anymore, also felt a  bit stupid at my age wearing hairbands to be honest !

I've taken the dog out for a walk, did some knitting, still trying to get this blooming colourwork done,

the boys have gone to rugby, Hubs is home with man flu ( the real thing ) and I've not done a jot of housework. Its fab, just how a Saturday should be. 

Bloglovin, Blogger, the dentist and spinning.

Disconnected for a day, I unlinked my blog from bloglovin, mucked up my blog theme, lost my blog list, and am probably going to fart about with it now for days ! grrrrr

Had the dentist this morning, hate the dentist, exceptionally sensitive teeth, brings me out in a sweat just thinking of him doing anything other than look at them. Had to have a filling, felt a right wimp as got anxious and was shaking ! sadly hes a really good dentist and hes leaving my surgery, now I have to deal with a new blooming dentist who wont understand my teeth. 

Worked from home this pm, report writing, Frank kept me company which was nice. Finished at 4.30 to get him and me out for a walk before it got dark. Chucked a bolognaise on for dinner, (one hubby had made and froze last week ).Still feeling a bit yukky. not sure whether its after effects of anaesthetic at dentist or coming down with a cold !

Not sure what to do with myself this evening so have decided to spin. Finally finished the first 100g of this last week so opened up the next 100g, aiming to do a 2 ply again.

I may only do a bit as feel like a snuggly early night reading my book

Rain,dogs and forward planning.

This year is whizzing past, its been full on and fast. I hardly seem to have had time to myself, but I'm not complaining I have done so much and have so much to be thankful for. 

Last weekend was my trip away with some work friends and their dogs. An all girls weekend, even the hounds were female !  It was quite strange being with people that you work with, especially as I had to share a room with one of them. But we got on OK and I had a lovely relaxing time. Sadly the weather in Cornwall was Rain, Rain and more rain. 

Luckily the garden was HUGE so we didn't need to go far to get the dogs out, we had 4 with us in total. Sadly not our Frank, hes still dogphobic !

3 of the hounds in their dogrobes !  these were a fab idea, get them in , quick rub down and put their robes on. Gets them dry, stops them getting everything wet and keeps them warm.

We've started using the dog field for Frank, its great that he can run free without his muzzle, hes really not into tennis balls so we now have to keep a stash of sticks at home. We're averaging about 2-3 runs there per week. £5 a go but very worth it. 

30 minutes later.... hes knackered..

He's got another session with our dog behaviourist but I'm pretty sure we are not going to make any huge progress he just doesn't like dogs. We've got a couple of trips coming up so need to start thinking about kennels or borders for him. Generally one of the boys stays at home, but we do do a couple of family visits each year that needs sorting. not really sure what to do on that score.

As the year is drawing to an end I'm already thinking about next year. 2020 was meant to be the year of the big downsize move, but life happens and the planets are not aligned so its very unlikely to happen for at least another few years. So I need to rethink what I want to do. The current job is a short fixed term post and whilst I am really enjoying it I am not sure I want to work full time if they offer to extend my contract. I'm toying with reducing the hours or going self employed ! My contract doesn't end until march so I've got some time to think it over. 

For now, I'm just going to take each day as it comes and enjoy every second.